Most customers ask us to deliver their containers using a Hiab truck. These have an on-board crane which is used to off-load the containers and place them on the ground.

All our drivers are fully trained and carry with them the appropriate certification. All drivers are fully compliant with the ‘working at height’ regulations. Additionally, the trucks undergo regular safety checks and are fully insured. They carry a full harness system for safe unloading of containers.

Containers are normally offloaded from the side of the vehicle and the required width for offloading is 25 foot. Should you have any concerns about the suitability of your site, please call us to discuss.

To assist you in checking your site we have compiled the following guidelines.

Consider the following questions:

  • Can your site take a 34ft Long x 9ft wide vehicle?
    (20ft units are normally delivered on this type of vehicle.)
  • Can your site take a 60ft Long x 9ft wide vehicle?
    (40ft units are normally delivered on this type of vehicle.)
  • Does your site have hard access?
    (Our vehicles will not normally drive over grass, fields, muddy areas or uneven ground, unless this has been pre-agreed.)
  • Are there any underground cables or manholes?
  • Are there any overhead cables?
    (If you have any overhead cables, please state height.)
  • Are there any overhanging trees?
    (If you have any overhanging trees, please state height.)
  • If you wish us to offload or load containers from a public highway, then you will need to take responsibility for any legal implications.
  • Delivery time required (site opening times)?
    (We are unable to guarantee an exact time, due to traffic and possible delays that are beyond our control.)